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  • Car Servicing and MOTs

    Car Servicing and MOTs

    Here at Great Bedwyn Motor Company we service and repair all makes and models of cars, vans & 4x4’s, old or new. We are also an approved MOT Test Centre offering MOT’s for all Class 4 vehicles (Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles & 4X4’s). We have invested in the very latest up-to-date equipment to diagnose vehicle faults and optimise the performance of your vehicle. From routine servicing to new engines, we offer a vast range of services to keep your wheels turning.


    We offer a professional, honest and friendly service together with fair, competitive rates and free estimates. So email or pick up the phone, we love to talk to our customers. Being located in the village of Great Bedwyn, Marlborough, we are a convenient two-minute walk from the Great Bedwyn Train Station, why not leave your car with us for its MOT, Service or repair whilst you catch the train to work?

    We also offer a Courtesy Car to keep you mobile whilst your vehicle is being serviced or repaired. Or If you don’t need a car for the day then let us know and we can pick it up directly from your door, home or work, and return it to you when the job is done. Due to our central location, we can collect from all of the local villages in the Savernake Forrest area including, The Bedwyn’s, Shalbourne, East Grafton, Ham, Durley, Burbage, and The Collingbournes. As well as Marlborough, Hungerford, Pewsey and Devizes including the surrounding villages.

    Had a mishap? Contact us for information regarding all bodywork repairs. From minor car park dents to more serious accident damage, we can help you restore your car back to its showroom condition. Accidentally got too close to the kerb? Don’t worry we have all done it… We can get your alloys repaired to look like new ones again. Even if they have started to corrode or have a part of the alloy missing, you will be amazed by the results and your car transformed. Air Conditioning is a little luxury that has fast become a standard factory-fitted specification in the majority of cars on the road today. It helps de-frost and de-mist cars quickly in the winter and cools the interior to a comfortable temperature in the heat of the Summer months. If your Air Conditioning has stopped working then we can test the system to find out where the problem is. Over time Air Conditioning will naturally accumulate dust and pollutants that produce bacteria & mould that cause unpleasant smells. We can replace old filters and clean your A/C system of any bacteria and mould costs effectively & quickly.

    We can quickly swap Summer & Winter tyres for you, this is something that more and more of our customers are doing - it's an essentially valuable part of staying safe on the roads whilst living in rural Wiltshire.

    Are you looking for garage services near Marlborough, Hungerford or Pewsey then call us on 01672 870264

    We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you soon

    The Great Bedwyn Motor Company team.


    As Winter is well and truly here it’s time for that all-important Winter Check on your vehicle to ensure your safety and hassle-free motoring.

    This time of year is the most common time of year that a vehicle will break down, due to a change in climate and driving conditions putting extra stress and strain on your vehicle.

    We recommend some essential checks that will help to keep you mobile this Winter and avoid any unexpected delays.


    Winter motoring conditions put extra pressure on batteries. Wipers, lights & heaters are used often at this time of year, if not constantly. If your battery is over 4 years old we would recommend a new one is fitted before it becomes a problem, otherwise, you can guarantee that it will let you down at the very most inconvenient time.


    It’s very important to use the right type of Antifreeze for your car. Again this is something that Great Bedwyn Motor Company can help you with if you are unsure.

    Ensure that Antifreeze levels are topped up at all times, otherwise, you could be faced with a hefty repair bill to put it right.

    If you hear a loud continual squealing sound from your engine during a cold spell, this could be a sign that the water pump is frozen. The Cylinder block could be frozen also. STOP THE ENGINE IMMEDIATELY & leave the car to thaw out, which can take a few days.

    Should the vehicle start to overheat a few miles from where you have set off the chances are that the radiator is frozen, therefore the coolant can't circulate. STOP THE ENGINE IMMEDIATELY & leave to allow the radiator to thaw out.


    Tyre Tread and overall condition of the tyres. Maybe it’s time to swap your tyres around to put the tyres with the best tread on the front (if your vehicle is front-wheel drive – or visa versa if its rear-wheel drive) This will give you more grip and control in tricky winter icy driving situations. At this time of year, we would recommend that you have at least 3 - 4 mm of tread on each tyre.

    Some people choose to have a set of Winter Tyres and a set of Summer ones. Let us know and we will swap them over for you.

    Tyre Pressures Under-inflated tyres make a huge difference to how a vehicle handles and its fuel economy. Make sure that you check yours regularly for improved safety and performance, or pop in and we would be more than happy to have a look for you.

    Do not reduce your tyre's pressures with the aim to increase grip, this will not help at all and just make you unsafe.


    Ensure that your windscreen is clean and clear inside and out.

    Using Air Conditioning on your car is a good way to help demist and clear condensation on your windows.

    De-icer – keep some in the boot for assistance in quickly de-icing your wing mirrors & windows.

    Keeping Headlights clean for better visibility, even if you don’t have time to regularly clean your car in the winter, it makes such a difference to have clean lights.

    Check your lights are all working, do this regularly, if you have a bulb out pop by and we will fit it whilst you wait. Not only is it imperative to your safety out on the roads, but will also avoid you from being stopped by the police for having a bulb not working.

    Make sure that you have water in your washer fluid bottle topped up with a strong mix of Screen Wash.

    Don’t forget that when you drive in the snow and ice your stopping time is 10 times slower than in normal conditions!

    Just in case the worst happens and you do break down or get stuck in the snow its worth having a warm coat, hat & gloves, torch, mobile phone with plenty of battery life, de-icer, map, snacks & drinks if snow is forecast it might be useful to carry a shovel or spade and some sort of salt/grit and an old piece of carpet for extra traction should you get stuck.

    If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to pop in and see us or contact us.

    Have a safe, warm winter.

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